The Team

Together we manage Gibbs on a day-to-day basis

Gerda Weston

She’s mother to us all, and the brains behind Weston Warmbloods, one of the leading British studs standing some lovely stallions by Kannan, Cornet Obolenskly, Big Star and Phin Phin.  She’s the master of all breeding decisions and thanks to her knowledge has bred horses that have been sold all over the world

Martin Weston

He’s the man behind the woman, always there with a welcome, cup of tea and hammer… he makes sure the yard is in good condition and that all of us are kept fed and watered

Sarah Peacocke

The woman behind the whole syndication concept, and the one who keeps all the syndicate owners in order.  She writes the updates of Gobbs’ progress and organises the events we are holding, as well as getting sponsorship and running some of the social media

Vincent Peacocke

He’s our digital guru who built and updates the website, manages all the accounts and VAT returns, and helps out with planning and social media.  More at home on a farm in Zimbabwe, he’s quickly learning to cope with a muddy horse yard in wet Hampshire

Anna Beck

Gerda’s daughter who is part of the partnership that bred Gibbs.  She produces and rides most of the stallions and mares at Weston Warmbloods and manages Gibbs’ programme of work on a dairy basis, as well as driving the lorry, taking lessons, running the yard, taking pictures for social media, feeding all the helpers… you name it, she does it

Tamara Weeks

Although only 20 Tarz has the job of riding Gibbs on the big occasions.  She was there when he was born and fedinitely has a big soft spot for this special stallion.  She grroms him, mucks him out, tries to stop him eating his rugs and loves his cheeky character.