TASH HARRIS was the lucky recipient of a Likit snak-a-ball for her pony Edmund at our Showjumping Heroes roadshow at Hartpury on March 4.  Tash is just 17 and has been obsessed with horses since she was 5.  As a baby she suffered terrible neglect and brain injuries but was then so lucky to be adopted by her mum Hilary.  She has ridden weekly since those early days, has taken stable management lessons and, with an amazing instructor has shown total commitment to Edmund, come rain or shine, who also joined her with some behavioural issues.  Together they look after one another, and neither could be in a better place.  On top of this, Tash does one day a week at a local stables helping RDA riders.

Likit and The Gibbs Syndicate were delighted to give Edmund the snak a ball and Tash a £65 share in the syndicate.

Hope we will soon post some pictures of Edmund enjoying his snak-a-ball.

In the new year the person behind the syndicate, Sarah Peacocke, talked to British Showjumping for this excellent feature that appeared in their magazine. Read about what her take this exciting step into the future

Gibbs is so lucky to be sponsored by Likit Products.  They make an exciting range of seriously exciting stable toys to stop horses from getting bored… go to www.likit.co.uk to look at the range of products on offer and follow them on Facebook (@likit Products and Instagram (Likit).  Here’s a video of Gibbs enjoying a snak a ball.

We held a raffle at the Showjumping Heroes roadshow at Hartpury and raised £114 for the Tim Stockdale Trust.
Here’s a picture of the lucky winner, Kim Bennett, the wife of one of our ownership shareholders, with her hamper of Likit treats for her horses.

Today Horse and Hound published this article about Gibbs and our plans for his future

Some of the Gibbs management team went to Your Horse Live to have a good look around at what was new and what was up for sale for a good price… they watched the lectures and demos and had a great time looking at the numerous stands.  Maybe the team will be there in 2020, offering the £65 share or £30 voucher.  Watch this space